Catholic Book Fair
with Sacred Heart Books & Gifts

Book fairs are great - a Catholic book fair is even better!

Catholic Book Fair with Sacred Heart Books and Gifts


Looking for an alternative to secular book fairs?

Sacred Heart Books and Gifts offers a book fair option with morally sound books. This book fair is a great way to expose students and families to many great titles. We offer a variety of books and educational materials. We also have Catholic gifts and sacramentals that can be included in your book fair. 


15% of sales returned to you as store credit

 Families purchase books for themselves or your organization. Each purchase earns your organization store credit for more books. This is a great way to build your parish, school, classroom, or co-op library. You can also create wish-list items for families to purchase and donate to your organization. 


Customize your own book fair

Use our suggestions or hand pick your the items to include in your book fair. Children's books, young adult, adult, fiction/non-fiction, Catholic books, school books, and more. We have options for order only or in person book fairs. Depending on the date and location we can come run the fair for you or we can ship the items to you. Each book fair can be customized to meet your needs. 

Visit our online store for a sample of available titles

Catholic Book Fair with Sacred Heart Books and Gifts Reviews

 "I want to thank Tony and Lindy Meyer of Sacred Heart Books and Gifts for coming to Grandparents' Day at St. John's Catholic School. They offered a great selection of Catholic books, sacramentals, classic authors and fun materials for all ages. Tony and Lindy were kind and professional and I look forward to having them back soon for our next event." 

Joe Holdren, Assistant Principal

"This was an awesome alternative to the secular book fairs that are out there!  The variety of books and items available were geared toward all age levels!  It was good, wholesome merchandise for the right price and right audience!"

Marcy Kee, Principal

 "The book fair was PHENOMENAL! Perfect selections for our school population. A little bit for everybody." 

Samantha Hicks, Teacher

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Catholic Book Fair with Sacred Heart Books & Gifts

Concordia, Kansas, United States